5 things to consider before you buy or build a home

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There’s nothing like stepping into the fresh, clean simplicity of a newly constructed home. Then again, it’s tough to replicate the ambiance of a well-loved classic home on the corner of an old tree-lined neighborhood.

Knowing whether to build or buy a home can be a tough call, and it could end up being a simple matter of personal preference. That said, there are a few basic factors to take into consideration before making the ultimate decision.


While you might love the idea of new construction, you could have a hard time finding a building lot or neighborhood you love. After all, there are only so many “prime” locations in your area, and those were likely snatched up decades ago. If you’re building in a new subdivision, it could be years before your neighborhood has that mature, landscaped, lived-in feel.


If a home theater with a built-in snack bar is a non-negotiable point for you, you may be better off building a custom home rather than buying one off the resale market. That said, purchasing new construction doesn’t necessarily give you…

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