First Things to Do After Moving Into Your New Home

Reviewing a checklist of things to do when moving into our new home will make the enormous task of moving so much easier. Nobody really likes the act of moving. It can be nerve wracking, exhausting and overwhelming, with so much to do in one day. However, by breaking down the steps of moving into 10 simple tasks, you can streamline the process for yourself.

Now, before moving, you’ve undoubtedly reviewed the home inspection report and other types of inspection reports. Either the seller has fixed certain things for you or you will need to, at some point, make sure everything is working to your satisfaction. But today is not the day to overhaul the HVAC.

Further, during the final walkthrough with your agent, you undoubtedly checked for plumbing leaks, reviewed where your water shut-off valve is located, and you are confident you can find and open the electrical panel. But the one thing you might want to review prior to moving in is the condition of your flooring. For example, if you plan to replace carpeting with hardwood, plan for this before the moving truck pulls up. It is much easier to replace flooring before you move into the house.

Top 10 Things to Do Before Moving Into a House

Do not plan major remodels or undertake tearing out walls until you have lived in the house for a while. I cannot believe the things so many buyers say they will do and never get around to. Buyers might talk about the horrid paint color in a room and years later, that wall is not painted. Or they might say: first thing I’m gonna do is tear out those kitchen cabinets, but 10 years later, the cabinets are still intact.

Work through the process one step at a time. And remember, your first day of moving in will most likely be the most stressful. After that, things will tend to fall into place.

1. Turn on Utilities. If you haven’t already notified the utility companies to transfer gas, water, electrical, trash and sewer into your name, you need to call. In some localities, county utilities might be transferred by the escrow company, but it’s a good idea to inquire about this at closing. The time to find out you have no electricity is not when the sun goes down.

2. Sequester Pets. Moving your pets into a new home can be a terrifying experience for some pets. The surroundings are unfamiliar. Maybe scary. Bring blankets, food dishes, litter boxes, toys and treats in a separate box for your pets. Then place those items, with your pets, in a separate room. Away from the noise, commotion hustle and bustle. Help them feel safe and reduce the chance they will bolt out the front door.

3. Change the Locks. You have no idea how many strangers could have keys to your new home. Call a locksmith pronto and get those locks changed. If your door is missing a deadbolt…

By Elizabeth Weintraub  | The Balance


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